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Gantt Screenshot

Nextedy GANTT

The first interactive high-level project planning & scheduling in Polarion ALM.

  • Gain better user satisfaction with fine-tuned planning views
  • Hold your plans faithful as they become trivial to maintain
  • Bring more transparency into cross-project dependencies and progress

The drag & drop enabled Gantt chart widgets provides unique capabilities to manage the standard Work Items (such as Features, Epics, Objectives, ...) as micro projects in a visually appealing way and perform various operations easily and efficiently.

Schedule with Ease

Easily adjust the project schedule.

Re-schedule the subtasks automatically when the parent project schedule is adjusted - or the other way around.


Did you know?

Nextedy was founded by two former Polarion VPs

To deliver applications that span across oceans we rely on our experience and expertise in running worldwide software product projects, as well as on highly motivated teams.

Instant Dependencies

Spot the project dependencies instantly.

Set the dependency as quick as in a single second.



Highlight the differences of the current state against the original plan.


Resource Allocation View

The resource management view is quite critical for many projects because it helps to estimate not only a total load of a project, but its parts and load of each resource separately.

Resource Allocation